January 24’s cold

winter-blueThe snow was nothing much on Wednesday – hardly worthy of the school-cancelling and weather-report-frothing. But it IS cold. I have rolled polar fleece and laid it in the sills between old windows and the storms.  And, just to see what Son #1 is enduring, I have added Montreal to my phone’s weather list (yesterday it was 17 degrees below zero F).


First panel


second panel

In the clutter-cleaning moves this week, I ‘found’ the second of a pair of quilts (on chair, above). I love the first one. Let’s see if I can make the second as worthy of my affection. It often doesn’t work that way — so scratch that. I’ll just see where the second one takes me.

3 thoughts on “January 24’s cold

  1. Mo Crow

    that first photo is so clearly & pristinely cold! making sense of a wild array of cloth is your forté Dee look forward to seeing where this one takes you!


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