circles, feet, quotes – part one

IMG_4535“Let’s become more beautiful with age, attaining the stature of the Jungian crone. Let’s be wise and mature and queenly. Let’s allow our center of power to shift with grace, from focus on physical expression to focus on spiritual strength.”
~ Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth
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“I feel there’s a depth to who we are and what we long for, so uncharted, so unmined, like a field of diamonds beneath the earth’s surface. And in that field, we all lie latent. But there is arising around us, a shining through the rocks, and we are beginning to see and know and share its light. The world will be different for our daughters and sons because of our tears, our bravery, and our breakthroughs. One thing I know about all of us: We have tried so hard, and we are trying still… We have been imprisoned but we are now sprung free.”    ~ Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth
Cary in CA July 2010239

6 thoughts on “circles, feet, quotes – part one

  1. Dana

    Beautiful feet, beautiful circles, beautiful quotes…..all much needed respite on a difficult day.
    Thank you! Is that your corgi?

  2. Nancy

    Oh my glory Dee…what a complete treat this was. The lighting, the subject matter, the words. All so beautiful, rich, thoughtful…and appreciated. Thank you


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