IMG_7592 guy IMG_7784They were separated for awhile, and now gladly find each other! The mouse stink that inspired cleaning vigor last week, makes the shoulders sag this week… IMG_7631 IMG_7632As hard as it is to believe, each dot on every branch holds the promise of magnificence!
IMG_7637The sun goes round.
IMG_7802One day, the rusty body waits. And another day. And another. Until weeks and weeks pass, and it joins the ruinous company of clutter.  And somehow, the wings find him. Even more miraculous — not one, but two clips find the fingers to render him whole. He joins ranks with vital, growing things.

10 thoughts on “cycles

  1. Yvette Dopheide

    a real spring totem!
    a couple of posts ago i commented on your colored great beautiful quilt

    .DEE! in love
    i think i know what you mean by wanting to go another way but the colors
    i think my problem is a little bit the same
    a bit color AND a bit eco
    you don’t have to make a decision?

  2. deedeemallon

    Yvette – yes a totem — a creature rising from the clutter piles and scraps from the cellar to take his place among the plants, in the sun!

  3. deedeemallon

    Joe you must have some very, very good bones in your parts! I used to own a cow skull, given to me by a friend – I wonder where that got off to?

    Mo, typos are usually up to something! You are so right about having Saskia’s work in the house… I had attributed the bird’s rising from the piles of mess to her blog. But it is interesting that after an entire season of sitting in a pile of papers, he got his wings just weeks after her beautiful cloth arrived.


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