Swirling and stillness

Storms abound in this quilt.

But there is sanctuary, too.

One window still in progress


There’s that wool challis from a scarf my mother wore


there’s a piece from those childhood curtains


rayon overalls with scenes from NYC


one corner of this roof was dipped in my indigo pot


Adding stitched lines is new.

IMG_7858Committed. And aware my efforts may not work how I want them to — do the added lines unify? Or create more distracting patterning? I shall have to wait and see.

9 thoughts on “Swirling and stillness

    1. deedeemallon

      Well especially nice feedback then. As I work on these two panels I am imagining constructing pale twins. So the stitching would be the main thing.

  1. deedeemallon

    thank you Nadia, although the storm idea may have caught me. And BTW, apropos of Marianne Wmson (and perhaps Beckett, given YOUR reading), it is very difficult to be optimistic in this country about positive, sweeping, remedial and proactive change (which is what addressing global warming requires) because our government is so informed by lobbying dollars and so crippled by polarized viewpoints.

  2. Dana

    I think stitching adds definition and richness. I hope you will find it so on this piece. Although it is full of incident and remembrance, the overall feeling seems more light and hopeful than stormy, at least from what I can see in the last picture.

  3. deedeemallon

    the windows do hold light, and the idea of shelter, and order. So far I think the stitching is adding something — surface texture, unification of disparate parts. In places the stitching visually creates the idea of water, wind, vegetation, and heat spreading into places they aren’t normally present.


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