A pewter sky and hope

IMG_7913Another snap of cold, waggling branches, and a pewter sky can mean only one thing: MORE SNOW!!! I can take it. Knowing temperatures will rise into the 50’s by week’s end really helps.
IMG_7930On Monday, in order to apply some machine-stitching on one of the Global Warming panels, I bundled up. The basement has been very cold this week.
IMG_7955Originally, part of the motivation to ‘white-wash’ the surface with quotes of climate change naysayers was speed. As much as I have re-engaged with these panels, I want them done. The cold kept me upstairs, however, and hours of hand quilting ensued.
IMG_7862 This was starting to have a paralyzing effect. Would I scrawl the machine-stitched words OVER the embroidery floss? Would I RUIN carefully applied textures?!
IMG_7933And then there was this recent discussion about Hope (a few posts back).Β  If I accept that it is incumbent upon us as moral and spiritual beings to find a way to HOPE, what was this stitching doing to me? Is it healthy to be spend so much time with the sentiments of people whose destructive idiocy makes my blood boil?!
IMG_7939So I really had to get down there and keep going.
IMG_7942Some new idea about pairing the bad shit with good stuff is forming… ideas as antidotes or something. What would happen if I scoured the internet for innovations or movers and shakers and reported about them in tandem with these gems from Fox News. Would that at least neutralize the blood-boiling effects of these nay-sayers?

9 thoughts on “A pewter sky and hope

  1. Dana

    I admire your fortitude in the face of freezing temperatures and Fox News. My studio is cold too. In the winter I always have to wear a coat to work there. Your whitewash of words is apt, since the global warming hoax tirade is meant to cover over the truth. It also makes me think of the painter Mark Tobey with his calligraphic “white writing” producing layers of activity on his canvases, kind of like frost on crocus.

  2. deedeemallon

    ‘meant to cover over the truth’ — yes — but also to convince more than I would have believed possible that what they say is true — in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and extremely marginal (possibly paid for) scientific agreement. Thanks for the reference to the painter… going to see his work now.

  3. maggros

    you give me hope! I’ve always loved incorporating scripted words or abstract script in my work. Oh Dee: I now have a rough workspace in our (cold damp) basement, built over xmas vacation and I’m hating my job and I’m back in therapy… and last night I got the msg that the electrician is (finally) scheduled to finish putting extra outlets in my workspace!! I’m gettting ready to join the global warming debate and yes, full time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ just need that f.u. money!

  4. Mo Crow

    as my old friend Pete (plant shaman extraordinaire who moved to Brazil to save the rainforest back in the 70’s and is still there) said so long ago-
    “Spirit likes to see us dance on the shifting sands of change”
    Old Man Crow is reading a book about Rupert Murdoch and his control of the media and many governments on a global scale… the good thing about the internet is we can tell each other with our own eyes what is really going on from all the corners of the earth !
    this 21st C requires vigilance and direct action!

  5. deedeemallon

    Mags- congrats on the work space. K. installed extra sockets in the ceiling for me ages ago – so even though the insulation hangs down and there is not heat and mice seem to love me, there is plenty of light!


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