circles, feet, a form and paws (ah… )

More circles and feet…third-positionIMG_0596 IMG_0605 IMG_1425IMG_1522
august indigocircle of cabbageaugust quiltcoffee tintfeet with stripesometimes just the shoes…
IMG_1679or a shoe form… Β  holding footand the occasional paw… (ah… we miss our boy)
IMG_0621 IMG_1815Have a great week, all. I am off to Charleston, SC tomorrow — for Southern food, at least one plantation tour (but WHICH one?), to see the Slave Mart, the Angel Oak, the flowering shrubs, the riverways, and hopefully to drive to the place where they believe the Stono Slave Rebellion started.

12 thoughts on “circles, feet, a form and paws (ah… )

    1. deedeemallon

      “The where”. I like that. As to where? I have no idea. Maybe round and round… Maybe somewhere new.

  1. Dana

    Lovely circles, funny feet. Your corgi looks more like our dog, Sunny (also gone…almost two years now) than any other corgi I have ever seen. Slender foxy face without much white on it, with the little spot on the back of her head. My husband said it was where the cream filling was leaking out of our twinkie. I hope you have a wonderful trip and will tell us all about it when you return.

  2. Els

    The circle I probably love best …. the indigo vat !!!!!
    (never had, but I would soooooo love to have one πŸ˜‰ !)

    have a good trip !

  3. saskia

    the top photo: I love you in this pic, honestly! and then further down your Jack, ouch

    have a great trip in SC, am kind of there in spirit as I’m reading ‘the secret life of bees’ fascinating on so many levels

  4. Maria Matthews

    Loved this post especially the blue tie dyed one reminded me of my attempts to do it and how patient mum was with blue covering most things in the kitchen including the cat.


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