Five gates

I took a lot of pleasure clearing away debris, invasive growth, and even valued perennials to clear the paths to the five gates in our fence. It was blissful contrast to being a helper to difficult, negative, oppositional people. No criticism! No finessing every little choice! Unilateral decisions! It was also a pleasure to make such satisfying improvements without spending a dime. As I dusted off and repositioned the two gate keeping turtles, I thought “now it’s time to attract a totem who represents speed and decisive action (lion? hawk?)”.






10 thoughts on “Five gates

  1. deemallon

    to the bigger world — yes! to a sense of flow — yippee!
    Yoda sounds absolutely perfect, Chris. I love the idea!
    And thanks, Mo. Many of the previous years I have put way more effort into other people’s gardens with my small gardening business, and this yard took a bit of a hit… but I am getting back to it!

  2. Heather

    Hopefully this will clear your way in the rest of your life as well πŸ™‚ I have really noticed this effect if any kind of mess builds up near my front door obstructing my path and I clear it away … then other obstacles clear up as well. I bet your gates have this doorway effect. Little feng shui magic coming your way …

  3. deb g

    Oh I love all your gates and paths! I helped a former employer/friend design and plant her garden and realized that I wouldn’t want to have that be a career. It took away from what I wanted to do in my garden.

  4. deemallon

    gates are good. the real and the symbol. so glad this year it’s about this yard and not another.


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