continuing, growing, editing, waiting and one finished thing




hanging, waiting


one finished thing, using clay beads I made in high school in my mother’s art room


considering – hat, hair okay, but new body needed


resurrecting and basting BEECHES phototransfer, printed years ago


dangling, blooming


offering green, green, and more green


resembling a monster


neatening, editing


getting slippers dirty


gazing up at dead branch overhead


smiling, waiting for prompts


texting, waiting for prompts


surviving unseasonably cold temps




10 thoughts on “continuing, growing, editing, waiting and one finished thing

  1. Dana

    Your mother had an art room? What a treasure! My mom crouched over the sewing machine that was parked in a corner of my bedroom, due to lack of space. She now has a lovely sewing room; I keep thinking how I would have enjoyed such a room in my childhood. Beautiful photos.

  2. deemallon

    Dana – my mother was an art teacher for twenty years. My senior year, due to a household move, I ended up in the same school where she taught, and in ‘her art room’.

    Mo – most things here have been lingering and are moving toward completion, so it feels less like ‘a lot’ than it might appear… but the garden! well, we ARE moving toward the Solstice, afterall, and things are growing at an astonishing pace (cold or no!).

  3. maggros

    I had an aunt, my father’s aunt actually, with whom I spent an afternoon when she was confined to her retirement apartment. I asked her where she had traveled in her life – assuming at the age of 90-something that she had been many places. She said,”I have always believed that one need go no further than one’s back yard. I never traveled.” She beamed. I was stunned. This particular set of photos (and really all of your posts) remind me of Aunt Pansy’s wisdom. You inspire me to find beautiful ways to cherish life – whether home or traveling – and honor life through art.

  4. deemallon

    Beads from ages ago and beads that I buy now and then… I do like the shiny ones!
    Maggie – thank you for the remembrance of you aunt. It reads almost like Flash Fiction. Sometimes I long to be more OUTSIDE this quarter acre and these interior spaces, but there is value in looking at what is right next to me, and appreciating it, documenting it.
    Deb – our wisteria doesn’t bloom well every year. I learned they like horizontal growth and ‘savage pruning’.
    Hi Grace. Nice to see you here.This week, for some reason, I am struck by how much I leave out. What would a blog of errands look like? Buying socks for the boys, stopping to get gas, getting stuck in traffic driving up to my sister’s, peeling cukes for a snack.


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