14 thoughts on “Pulling it all together

  1. maggros

    I love the interactions between and among the fabrics, color and stitches! The painter in you comes out in lovely poetic gestures – as always! yet this one has a new feel. Very strong, very smooth, very happy??? “happy”, what a useless word for such a beautiful piece. lyrical. I’m racing a bit on my lunch hour. More later…

  2. deemallon Post author

    thanks Mag for rushing in a comment! Hope the afternoon holds lots of delight teaching…. And yes, there is something of happiness in this one. A different kind of chaos?

      1. Liz

        I love that cloth, like story, can convey one meaning to its maker/author and another meaning to those who bring their own history when viewing/reading it.

  3. saskia

    love everything ’bout this, the multitude of colours, the hand sewing and machine stitch, the rich textures, a sense of generosity; btw the tactile qualities travel just as well in easterly direction;-)

    1. deemallon Post author

      thanks, Deb. I know what you mean. I have downright RUINED a number of pieces trying to apply machine stitches after handquilting. This one is so satisfying, though, because of the way it is bringing some bumps and humps into harmony.


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