As my sister and I drank coffee and drove around our favorite cemetery in Salem, Thomas Menino’s service was taking place in Hyde Park. So much moving testimony! I heard one eulogy on the drive home. Sun blasting my face trucks tailgating state troopers seemingly everywhere and this sense of the mark a single person can make when they care enough. Do enough.

Rest in peace Mr. Menino.

5 thoughts on “Wings

  1. handstories

    I love the quote about him, “he was a doer of small things”. what a good thing to be known for. & I wanted to say how caught up I am in the colors and textures of your creations that you’ve posted lately. there’s a richness in them all. especially love the plaid boys, they look like they’d be good pals to have.

  2. deemallon

    That’s a great quote, Cindy, and one that captures what made him so remarkable… lots of people are remarkable by tackling big things and dreaming big… but Menino seemingly achieved his greatness by staying with the small things (that over time became big things)… and by not having ambitions beyond running Boston.

    I’m loving those plaid boys, too… not sure I can put them up for sale, given that their bodies are old socks of mine and their pants are either an old shirt of my husband’s or a recycled section of one of my boys’ pjs!


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