doors and more wings


Shaman at Fitchburg Art Museum last week; triple exposure

Not much to say today. Yellow/gold blankets outdoors. Night already and it’s not even five o’clock.  Rather than gather my thoughts here with words, here are some pictures of the season, most using the Diana Photo App on my phone.




4 thoughts on “doors and more wings

  1. maggros

    Lovely recordings of the changing season. There is a sadness in the crisp air and charged colors today, full of eerie angels. Your photos are beautiful. I drove the back wood “hollars” of NJ today, narrow roads through the woods and horse farms, listening to Car Talk #1445 “Tommy, Riposa in Pace”. There’s no connection really, except I guess that the ghosts of early November are definitely out!

  2. deemallon

    Well there is a connection, Mags. Between our former mayor, Car Talk Tommy, and a neighbor, there have been a number of deaths… perhaps that’s why the angel captured my attention, so. Ahhhhhhhh November.


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