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A snowy, woven wood

IMG_7335I seem to be obsessed in a minor way (is that possible). Over on instagram, I’ve begun a category called “fiberinfusedlandscapes”.

I miss hand sewing! Pins up high, high. All cloth tucked away. Harder to pull out and go.

Today the dog lesson went like this: Socks are better than behinds, but slippers trump everything.


Overwhelm - dble exp: quilt and collage

Thanks to Christi over at Sweet Pea Path for turning me onto the DianaPhotoApp and to Art of Mob (on instagram)! And, for saying she DETESTS the ‘new flickr’.  I actually understated how much I have disliked the updates. They really kinda ruined the experience for me. For instance? I can no longer post directly to wordpress. Writing this simple post with photos from flickr is a nightmare.


The Nor’easter continues here with wind and rain. Nothing too drastic, but some branches down here and there and pools of water on the roads. Two maple branches blew into our yard from somebody else’s trees — I can’t quite figure out whose!