The early dark

Being in time is part of being human. The trick this time of year is to find ways to be entranced by the coming dark and not just trounced by the press of seasonal tasks! The grey of evening drops her cloak as I thumb these words together. I feel on the verge of something — and while there may be a new dog in our near future (YES!!!!) — it is more than that.

I have been having a collage fest. I will leave you with this one. Three references to eating heart in one week give a person pause. I had to illustrate it. I have no idea what to make of it! Do you?

3 thoughts on “The early dark

  1. Dana

    “Eat your heart out” refers to deep seated envy and unsatisfied longing.
    “Eating the heart of your enemy” takes their strength and makes it yours.
    Your heart looks like an enfolded flower.
    (I heart the place setting.)

    1. deemallon

      Dana. The res image was flowers. The folds looked right to me for the organ. And of course, the red. Thanks for the second association. I had thought of the first but not the second.


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