Crescent of light

It is bitterly cold today. Cops tend a downed wire at the corner. Gusts of wind are taking branches down and forcing kids on the playground to wear hats. Finn and I take brisk but short walks around the neighborhood. All of a sudden it is a new year.

2015/01/img_7203.jpgThe light is different already. I noticed it on the buildings near the airport this morning. I noticed it on this Chinese plate this afternoon. Less wan and with a little more warmth.
light-chinese-plate-deemallonI don’t seem to know what I am doing anymore. Or maybe transitions throw me more than they used to. Back to the empty nest, which now includes Finn so it’s a lot less empty, but still….

Here is a rambling list of hopes/intentions for the new year — only things on my mind at the moment, and not an attempt at comprehensive breadth or corrective sway:  I hope to make a blanket for one of the boys this year. And then for the other next year. They have twin sized quilts but it’s time for doubles. I would like to read a little more this year. Walk a lot more. Let more stuff roll off my back, even if it means letting go of reactive anger and feeling more sadness. I plan to learn how to sharpen knives in 2015. And, I am going to get rid of a lot more shit.  A lot more. (It continues to amaze me how satisfying this decluttering process is!) Better blogging – especially, reading favorites — I HOPE so. Progress on the writing front — I HOPE so.  Continued health of my loved ones — I chant daily.

2015/01/img_7207.jpgAnd now I’ll leave you with a double image that serves as a visual prayer from me to you for the New Year — may you have more abundance, joy, ease!

PS  Finn ate the Nine of Cups this morning.  Thankfully, I have a spare deck which now will only serve to supply replacement cards, though of course the full deck is boxed and out of reach now!

11 thoughts on “Crescent of light

  1. saskia

    haha, joined the ‘what-has-he-torn-up-today? club’
    the club where we often cry out loud ‘oh, no not my.*…..!’

    * fill in blank

    1. deemallon

      Oh we are there! Underpants, dishtowels, socks, kindling and blankets all seem to be favorites.

  2. Nancy

    Something in this post made tears in my eyes. Maybe it is the adjustment to changes (which has always been hard for me). Maybe it is the sweet soulful brown eyes of your new friend (which remind me of my first dog, Sonny). Maybe it is the sewing for sons, which reminds me only too well that would love to be that quilter and create a beautiful, cherished wedding quilt, as my own son marries in September. And also knowing to well that that is a dream vision of who I am. Maybe it is the read/walk/visit blog friends more, which is on my list too. There’s many I can’t seem to get to lately. Maybe it is the wish for self improvement, which I guess we don’t grow out of at any age. Or maybe it is the fact that I know another clutter-buster, besides my sister. But my favorite is the fact that you desire to learn knife sharpening this year. I don’t know what would prompt me to want to learn that (obviously nothing has), but you do and it makes me happy in the similarities and differences too of all of us. And it makes me think you are sure one cool chick. Glad I didn’t miss this post. The End.

    1. deemallon

      Thank you Nancy. Its cyber friends like you that keep me blogging! You make such wonderful fiber gifts. Im sure you’ll figure out how to make one wedding-son-worthy!


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