snowed under

IMG_7638There is so much that I want to write about — storytelling, historic research and how synchronicity can make it exciting and affirming… recently discovered facts about the year right before the Lucas family left Antigua, which changes my view of their decision to leave the small Leeward Island quite radically and feeds later scenes with a specificity that I just love.
IMG_7644-0But for now I am literally snowed under. It just keeps coming. There are calling this steady slow accumulation an ‘event’ rather than a storm, but the mind boggling part is how much more may fall: POSSIBLY TWO MORE FEET!! I managed to get up to Salem yesterday, the first time in two weeks — the visit being squeezed between snow storms and snow events. (That’s my sister’s ‘sidewalk’ below).
IMG_7687It seems odd to write this, but there’s an upside right now to my sister being practically a shut in  — and that is:  this weather has very little impact on her. I arrange for groceries to be delivered and worry about her slipping on her iced up sidewalk should she go out to check her mail. But otherwise, not much changes for her.
IMG_7649The city will be shut down tomorrow (again). Schools closed everywhere (again). The T will run on an abbreviated schedule.  K will work at home. This interim time of puppyhood / snowstorm continues weirdly unhinged from former routines — most notably sewing and writing.

But, this morning I was up at four and did write (I love the quiet of the early hours!) and was out of doors walking Finn by six-thirty. There’s a lot to be said for these forced marches, even if they are complicated by gloves, boots, specialty leashes, treats, dog doo, etc. The bracing air and the quiet streets have a way of feeding the soul.

Tomorrow is my birthday, which means I am thinking of my mother.

12 thoughts on “snowed under

  1. Jenny M

    That amount of snow is just unbelievable! We don’t get snow where I live in Melbourne, Australia, so I find it amazing that you can get out and about at all.
    Best wishes for a lovely birthday!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you, Jenny. We’ve not seen cities and towns ‘close down’ this much in such a short span of time… ever

  2. deb

    these deep snow pictures triggered a memory. I was staying with a friend who lived in MA..they had to make a tunnel from the back porch to the barn to care for the animals and bring in firewood. That blue glow…

  3. Nancy

    So much snow! My friend in Chelmsford tells me of having to ‘rake the roof’. Something I have never lived myself. But, I would guess the forced slow down has some nice aspects too. A very Happy Birthday to you!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Rooves are at risk. Our deck — maybe (actually, I wouldn’t mind if that collapsed to the ground!) And all that ice freezing in the gutters can be a real problem.

  4. Dana

    It is one of the gifts of dog care that one is forced outside when it isn’t convenient. There is so often something lovely there that would have been missed. That is one heck of a lot of snow though. Wow. Happy snowy birthday to you Dee.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks, Dana… fortunately when Finn walks with us he loves to leap up into the snow banks (sometimes four feet at a bound) — so he gets REALLY exhausted, resulting in one of his power puppy naps.

  5. anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Dee! Jeezum, mid-atlantic is so much easier than the greater north. I’m glad at least there are some warm reprieves for you, K and Finn today. But two feet!! Your mom, yes, maybe bask a bit in her Irish artist spirit source.
    Snuggle in.


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