Unbelievable just unbelievable

Fourteen more inches. Five more coming tomorrow?
icicles-deemallon-winter2015Light as a feather — but so much of it!! Had to dig the ‘reverse moat’ again and re-establish our rope-play paths (did I mention Finn jumped the fence the day before yesterday?)

IMG_7843IMG_7853IMG_7834IMG_7854IMG_7856Parts of the fence have virtually disappeared. K installed wire barriers in one spot (where Finn easily and gracefully hopped over). More wire barriers needed on north side. To be effective, my ‘reverse moat’ requires digging on the other side of the fence as well as ours — an awkward maneuver that strains the elbow and arm and makes me feel terribly sorry for myself.
winter2015-deemallon-roof-snowWe are all doing the best we can! A section of our pipes have frozen. No water getting to master bath. The ceiling is leaking in the kitchen where it typically does when there is an ice dam. Ominous cracks have appeared along the yellowed section of ceiling. We need to get those ice melting ‘hockey pucks’ ASAP — or stuff cut-off nylons with ice melt, since there probably aren’t any pucks available, anywhere.
snow-deemallon-winter2015Only six people showed up in my husband’s office. Not clear if the T is even running out this far. Worst of all, Finn’s play rope (which gets buried and re-discovered in a series of gleeful digs on his part during the game), disappeared last evening and despite moving what feels like a mountain of snow — I had no luck finding it this morningFound it!! Much joyful playing ensued!!

puppy-snow-deemallonThe good news? K is home. If he weren’t, I’m fairly certain the kitchen ceiling would have collapsed by now.

17 thoughts on “Unbelievable just unbelievable

  1. anonymous

    Jesus. I’d mail you something cheerful but are they even getting the mail through? Be careful!! God forbid anyone gets hurt or sick. I like your book – almost got this! should I read it? XO

  2. Nancy

    Geez Dee…this is dramatic!!! I’m fairly certain at some point Finn could just walk right over the fence! I am glad K. is home to keep you company and help take care of things. Stay safe, Nancy

  3. deanna7trees

    been thinking about you and those around you. hope all this is over soon. Spring can’t come soon enough. stay safe.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks, Dana… so far nothing like what happened to your studio! Every night on the news, stories about people’s rooves collapsing.. .. it’s hard not to worry. The electric wires into the house are encased in ice. THAT worries me, too. But I think we will be fine. So, so glad my husband is here and not in India or China or Korea. Thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I think of you (and all my friends in Boston) but these are the first pictures I have seen besides what the news shows. Wow. I am speechless. Michigan has snow and last winter we had our snowiest ever–but it came over four months or so. Knowing your house a bit helps me put in perspective just how much there is.

    Good luck with the roof issues, that does sound scary. I rake my roof edges after most storms here in MI, but again, we have nothing like what you have. I remember when I first moved to Boston and learned about the Nor’easter storms.

    Keep posting. Spring has to come. But, the melting will bring its own issues!!

    1. deemallon Post author

      oh god, yes, when it melts, if that happens too fast, we will switch our roof-worry to basement-worry. All of this mess has me wondering what exactly our homeowner’s insurance covers…. to be continued. And yes, thank you for the reminder, which I think all of us in this neck of the woods desperately need — spring WILL arrive. It really, really will!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Liz. One way or another we will get through this. “One day at a time” makes for a good mantra right now.

    1. deemallon Post author

      We are. Or think we are. It keeps on coming. Thanks for thinking of me and soak up some of that Carolinian sun on my behalf!


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