Jewel tones and white

New England quilters have been known to gravitate toward jewel tones this time of year. I know why! This little House Quilt arose from scraps left behind while finishing Middle Passage II yesterday. Sometimes these ‘cast off quilts’ are my favorite. There is a spontaneity to them that can get lost with other designs.

Here is part of Middle Passage Two. This one focuses on the shape of the sails. I will not back the panel — just edge it and supply tabs on top so that it can hang like a curtain.IMG_7934
My daily pages are filled with snippets of learning that I eventually will share about the Middle Passage. For now, the quiet is good. Oh so good!! The incubation of this snow is making words seem far away. Appointments still being cancelled (though on account of the DOG, not the SNOW).
snow bank-winter2015

It is blessedly quiet here today (school children on vacation; roof clearing crews done for the time being; snow-moving trucks beeping away elsewhere). Why fill this rare, rare quiet with some of the most disturbing history there is?

4 thoughts on “Jewel tones and white

  1. Liz

    I find these warm cloths as appealing as any cold stained glass could ever be … light through cloth with “leaded” seams … what could be better?

  2. handstories

    Hi dee! I do love seeing your glowing work in the middle of your snowland. (I have been thinking of your quilts & writing as we’re approaching the Underground Railroad quilting project again, and as I lead some students through a study of the the book, “Elijah of Buxton”- about a freeborn boy living in a Canadian community of former slaves.)

  3. saskia

    these cloths are amazing, even more so against the Big White, not backing the larger one is an excellent idea, they are dazzling and as the light shifts, how moveable they will be


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