Broke my Rules : Redo 

I wanted to make C’s log cabin blanket with on-hand fabrics only.    

  But I also really wanted to like the results and was, believe it or not, running out of the ‘right’ blues and greens.  And hey, I drive right by a decent fabric store coming home from dog obedience class. New: acid greens and military greys.

I struggled to make the sides of the log cabin distinct from each other. I SHOULD have selected based on value (dark/light) instead of color (green/blue). In order to be moderately able to make a zig-zag pattern move across the surface, I have ended up ripping out some of the strips and replacing them. Also added another couple strips to each to attempt to ‘fix’.

In the process, it just became kind to myself to use the rotary cutter and grid to make uniform squares. So there it is.  Being VERY careful to keep rotary cutter away from dog’s mouth (he seems to really like pin cushions and scissors!).

Up to about thirty squares. That may be enough.

The pulmonaria is up and forsythia is flinging glorious sprays of yellow all over the neighborhood — some small compensation for how chilly it’s been.  Even though cold, K and I spent a ton of time in the yard. Had to bring all the plants BACK inside and I am STILL wearing down. WTF?!!

P.S. Perhaps a cloth diary is only interesting to the maker, but re-looking at that top picture, I see the VERY first purchase I made on ebay — years ago (back when it was more like a Salvation Army and less like a Pottery Barn outlet), as well as a scrap of a shirt I made many moons ago and wore the day K asked me to marry him. That is a sweet piece of history for my son, no?

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