Evidence of days gone by

A weekend of clutter clearing turned this up — one stuck to the other, found in the way-back shelving of our bathroom. I can make up a whole story about the boys from it — probably none of it true — but it does speak to a certain kind of effort that happened over a period of many years.  (I don’t think I ever used lollipops as bribes, but who knows?!)
Bathroom shelving is one thing. The garage is another. It’ll take more than a couple of afternoons to clear this up enough just to be a workable storage space again. It’s always been a mess, but after in-law downsizing, it’s REALLY a mess.

Fortunately that work can be alternated with effort out of doors.  I pulled out a lot of English ivy over the weekend… while tossing a dirty, drooly ball for Finn, who seems to possess a bottomless love for playing fetch. The vine below is hydrangea and a real keeper.
IMG_8816Everywhere around the neighborhood, people are making repairs to damage done by this past (unbelievable) winter. If my neighbor’s basement cleaning crew shows up again today, I will need more than the ‘jackpot boy’ I made for Finn to keep him distracted (speaking of days gone by — that fleece was one year’s Christmas pajama bottoms).  Finn has no trouble with humans, but I guess men in hazmat suits don’t look like people to him!

9 thoughts on “Evidence of days gone by

    1. deemallon Post author

      There is a carpet of blue on the viewer side of that fence — beautiful! Spring cleaning is actually something I enjoy — but I don’t like it when it feels quite this overwhelming…

    1. deemallon Post author

      Some stuff I found on the curb and will simply put back. (I call that “curb to curb”). Some things are probably worth selling online. Some things are keepers for the boys. But three sets of socket wrenches? Three pitch forks? Enough Christmas ornaments for three trees? No.

  1. ravenandsparrow

    The re-appearing Tootsie Roll Pop reminds me of finding overlooked Easter eggs months after they had been hidden. Good luck on the clean-out.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I have found those very little treasures… foil wrapped chocolate. I usually pop into my mouth, no matter how old!!


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