“Fell out of my hands”

  Even  with a focus on finishing, this will happen — “things falling out of the hands” (as Mo would say).   Was looking for binding fabric. Found a moon. The bottom patchwork presented itself with what was on the ironing board and design board. Voila. Not quite finished. But composed. It is a Middle Passage quilt for reasons that I’m sure are not all that apparent.   

That’s another post perhaps. 

5 thoughts on ““Fell out of my hands”

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ I really love this one. Perhaps for sale when complete? I’d love it to fall over into my hands (if possible) πŸ™‚ To me those are the best kind, the ones that don’t have tons of thought, planning, time even…but just flow. I love the storminess of the sky behind the brightness of the moon and the beautiful bold colorful Dee-ness colors below. Let me know.

  2. deemallon

    Of course, Nancy… I’d love for it to find its way to you. I am going to enclose the top tabs in a cloth that will double as a backing, too… but something thin. Then add a bit more quilting. Any time frames I need to know about?!


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