looking back to look forward – September cloths


Sometimes it seems to me that my catalog of cloth pictures reads like a stream of unfinished projects. Actually, it turns the stomach, sometimes. Proof of need for an intervention!

I’m going to look back ONE YEAR and find a couple of featured projects and finish them roughly within that month (I mean, September is 2/3’s gone already). This is going to be ‘my thing’. I want to try this as a tool, though, and not as a ‘thing’ (i.e. “My Year of Finishing Work”, blah blah blah).

A little structure. A little time pressure. In conjunction, the two COULD work.

I hope that this process will be a lot like deciding not to grocery shop in my husband’s absence this week. Instead, I made do with what little was in the fridge. How gratifying it was (absurdly gratifying?)!

Sometimes, I will first have to FIND the thing. But’s that okay, and probably good and necessary.

IMG_0462The one above just needs a binding and dowel sleeve (well, and the intention to finish — that’s the point here).

IMG_5272Furthermore (and this is critical!), I here before you pledge not to get bogged down in the “PROBLEM” of what to do with the finished pieces.  My Etsy store is deadsville and I can’t quite bring myself to sign up for any sales this fall. In fact, my domain name is up for renewal in a few weeks and I’m considering letting the website go. I mean, I never go there. Does anyone else?!!

Streamlining, focusing, empowering.
IMG_0433Huh. And not to get too, too ambitious here, I have the same need with books. So, I will embark upon a parallel process with those.

There! A pledge. Two pledges.

And, of course, the Hearts for Charleston Quilt takes priority.

11 thoughts on “looking back to look forward – September cloths

    1. deemallon

      Yes. One of many parallel things. It is remarkable to me how true “less is more” is and on how many levels.

  1. Mo Crow

    a website is like bricks and mortar in the cyber sea, it adds a sense of weight to the transient nature of the social media sites like blogs, instagram, facebook, etc.
    Gosh you have a lot of irons in the fire, how is the book going?!
    PS the circle & dot pieces look finished to me!

    1. deemallon

      Re: website — I know. That’s why I’ve kept it. It doesn’t feel very alive though. Maybe I should tweak it up a bit. It doesn’t cost much to keep. The book is coming. That is the main thing in fact. The sewing comes in between (part of why I am not working on selling or showing or teaching right now). I don’t talk about it much here and as much as I sometimes would like to, it’s important to keep my boundaries there intact.

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Its interesting how reviewing the past can help us move forward. The spiral of life is sometimes a spring.


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