Pumpkin, dog, and holly

door-pumpkin-deemallonThere’s been a bumper crop of black walnuts this year. Thumping down, littering the garden and lawn. Rolling, feeding the squirrels, getting squashed by cars. There are dozens in that big tub and I have two boxes of soy milk to pre-treat swatches of cotton and linen, but not sure I’ll get to it. IMG_1423There’s been the bed bug situation, for one thing. I think we are on the other side of it, but my sister’s entire apartment has to be unpacked. I head up there today.

And there’s been a fair amount of writing. I did a kind of official page count yesterday and was thrilled to discover that even if I eliminate HALF of what’s there because it’s weak or stupid or doesn’t fit, I still have a novel-sized amount of pages. Not necessarily a novel, mind, but I am feeling excited about paring down and shaping it up. 
Meanwhile, I am not yet ready for the slide into winter.  The good news — new curtains on the back wall of glass. For YEARS, I have hated how much of a fishbowl our family room becomes at night this time of year, but not anymore!!!

Stay tuned for the final Charleston heart. They’re all here now so I have to begin. I woke up this morning with the edges on my mind.

P.S. Do you see Finn staring out of both doors?

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin, dog, and holly

  1. Nancy

    That Finny-boy sure is stealthy! I kinda get the non-unpacking. Whenever I’ve moved, I’ve been amazed by what I can leave packed up and really don’t need! Here, here to write that is not stupid and living spaces that are not fish-bowly 🙂

  2. ravenandsparrow

    You have been busy! Congratulations on the writing….good sustained effort is what it takes. I have never been a curtain fan, but I know how black and cold a bank of glass can be on a winter night. Your new curtains will be so cozy.

    1. deemallon

      Yeah I know. A blogging hiatus that seems to be going on and on…. And just now one of the tops of my molars fell off so there’s that.

      1. ravenandsparrow

        Oh crap. I hate dental irregularities. They never go away on their own and taking care of them is a total pain. Good luck and come back soon.

        1. deemallon

          Thanks Dana. I am such a coward in this department. And I don’t want it to spoil celebrating my 25th anniversary! So far no pain so the hope is I can put intervention off for a couple of days.

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