Hearts for Charleston – Cindy 

This delicate and floating heart arrived from Washington state from one of my favorite fiber artists and bloggers — Cindy Monte (blog: handstories).

Instead of employing nine warp and weft strips, she used three and three. The result mimics a pieced nine patch and keeps the reference to the nine deceased Charlestonians going.  Her tiny stitches create such a lovely surface! Note that there are nine stars to commemorate each of the passed souls.

 The white “thread beads” (Jude Hill’s term) scatter along the appliquéd indigo “ribbon” as well as up and out of the center of the heart — looking to me like the Milky Way. Both the look of the dots and the feel of them somehow give me a sense of holy space and hope.

   I encourage you to go to “handstories” to read what Cindy wrote about the making of this square. Also search: “Harriet Tubman” to read about an inspiring, educational collaborative quilt Cindy made with young students.   

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18 thoughts on “Hearts for Charleston – Cindy 

  1. Nancy

    Cindy’s block is …is … well, is so Cindy! I love seeing her implementation of the thread beads and stars…Cindy you make it come alive. There is so much heart here. It sure is amazing seeing them all together. Thanks for pulling all of us in to sit and stitch and share Dee. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

  2. ravenandsparrow

    The softness and warmth of Cindy’s heart is magical and the cohesive quality of her stitching makes the block melt together. It is so comforting to look at. I could wrap myself in it.
    The collection of blocks is amazing. I am so looking forward to their assembly.

  3. handstories

    Thank you, Dee, and everyone for your kind words. I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of this heart filled collaboration, the process gave much more than I was able to stitch. So looking forward to seeing where you take all of this love, Dee. I hope the 13 doesn’t throw you!


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