Fixing a hole

Looks like Finn wants to learn how to cut strips on the bias!

 I got so many amazing suggestions on how to edge this cashmere sweater over on Facebook!!  In the end I grabbed a piece of soft wintery-looking flannel that was large enough to cut two inch strips on the bias. The grey of the flannel is silvery while the grey of the wool is a warm grey.  Not a great match, in other words.   I decided to prize completion over perfection and, anyway, it’s not so terrible.   Maybe this will inspire me to rework the necklines on two black cashmere sweaters that are languishing upstairs.

Even a used garment bought on a half price sale day is money poorly spent if you never wear it!   Later I will connect up two more squares for the Hearts for Charleston quilt — Mo’s and Nancy’s.   I was able to actually weave the edges together this time, using the new corduroy base under Mo’s square.

8 thoughts on “Fixing a hole

  1. Nancy

    Maybe it is the computer screen lighting, but the colors look fine together to me. It is something to see my square joining together with Mo’s. I was imagining a weaving together, so that is especially nice to see!
    Hey Mo! We’re holding hands 🙂

  2. deemallon

    the weaving could perhaps have been more of an option if I were willing to cut a bit more here and there… so far not so much.

  3. RainSluice

    I love checking in here. We’ll all be literally stitched together soon via “Hearts for Charleston”, very comforting. And hey, when Finn is happy, life must be pretty darn good. I love the jazziness of this sweater collar. The color will sweetly frame your face and bring out your smiling eyes. Yet more reasons and new ways to smile thanks to cloth, color and spirit.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Mags. Yes when Finn is happy I am happy. He’s been a little devilish since we put him on a strict allergy testing diet. Stealing oatmeal cookies off the counter, etc.

      And yes, soon the many states and countries of origin and many hands’ work and care will be attached! It is satisfying work.


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