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More cold. More rain.

Added a skirt. Going to put some more yellow at the bottom of the woven strips. The seam line lands in an awkward spot on me. Hope it works better on someone else!

Going to turn the neck under with a hand stitch or add a bias tape binding (if I have any left. Turned a few old packs into ties for masks).

No sleeves.

This mask makes 60. For a neighbor who is a pediatrician. If I were a kid, I’d love seeing that frog on my doctor’s face.

Fixing a hole

Looks like Finn wants to learn how to cut strips on the bias!

 I got so many amazing suggestions on how to edge this cashmere sweater over on Facebook!!  In the end I grabbed a piece of soft wintery-looking flannel that was large enough to cut two inch strips on the bias. The grey of the flannel is silvery while the grey of the wool is a warm grey.  Not a great match, in other words.   I decided to prize completion over perfection and, anyway, it’s not so terrible.   Maybe this will inspire me to rework the necklines on two black cashmere sweaters that are languishing upstairs.

Even a used garment bought on a half price sale day is money poorly spent if you never wear it!   Later I will connect up two more squares for the Hearts for Charleston quilt — Mo’s and Nancy’s.   I was able to actually weave the edges together this time, using the new corduroy base under Mo’s square.

Waffle weave – Beginning

Disappointed to have missed the sign up for Jude Hill’s Contemporary Boro class, I have decided to embark on my own.  Like any true fabric collector, I have been setting aside garments for ages — pieces that hold some sort of potential for reworking.  Sometimes, it’s the fabric I love, sometimes, the cut.  But, for whatever reason, the shirts/pants/jackets do not work as wearable items.

Number One goal – to have fun.
Number Two goal – to convert giveaways into comfortable, wearable garments (or special dressy ones, who knows?).
Number Three goal – learn stuff.
Number Four goal – to use what I find, am given, have on hand.  Minimal expenditures.
Number Five goal – share here.
Number Six goal – work up to dyeing cloth/garments this summer.

Of course, Jude — check this out, and this, and this.
Of course, India Flint – check this out.  There are better garment pictures in her first book.

Following directions and working in three dimensions are challenging for me, so in tandem with deconstruction and messing around, I plan to make some clothes – start to finish – with a pattern.

For a tiny bit of background on Boro, there is a Japanese textile overview here  – Kimonoboy.  A collector shares some great pictures, here.  And, of course – if you google “boro textiles” in the images mode, you will be flooded with beauty!

And, what a discovery this morning – THIS site – ‘Denham the Jeanmaker’, whose tagline is “Worship Tradition, Destroy Convention”.  Stylish, sales-oriented, and full of cool ideas.

In any case, my first project, above, aims to be a little more pedestrian and less time-consuming than many of my inspiration sources.  I had already cut the bottom off of the waffle weave shirt, which is worn to a comfortable softness, slightly stained, and currently too-short (oops!) to wear even as a pj top.

I have pinned a tissue-thin plaid as a skirt, some double-folded silk as a mini-peplum, and attached a swatch of embroidered linen over a hole in the chest.  Of course, it would be great to dye the cotton top first, but I’m not there yet.

I am mostly piecing the ‘Middle Passage’ quilt today, which has moved from the board to the floor, and which will NOT be short-cutted by having an informing idea, apparently.  My newest strategy in that regard?  To have slightly more straightforward projects to go to when the going gets too daunting.  Last night I made one-inch, paper-pieced hexagons.  This ‘dress’ might also be something to go to.