cheap frames and chocolate

IMG_2538The cars beetle together on tarmac
sharing shadows,
lozenges of tail lights,
rattle of wire carts
always one with the bum wheel.
December this year lacks cold.
No flakes or puffs of breath
to remind us of season.
I walk back to the car with
my shopping cart loaded
with plastic frames from China
and chocolate and wonder not
‘what would Jesus think’
‘what would Buddha do’ but
‘how would Mary Oliver
see it all?’
The corrugated grey cloud
cover reminding me
of something.

3 thoughts on “cheap frames and chocolate

  1. ravenandsparrow

    Your Christmas weather sounds a lot like ours…grey clouds and darkness. I’m assuming the frames and chocolate are the raw material of gifts. Jesus, Buddha and Mary would probably be engaged in something similar, were they in your place.

    1. deemallon

      Yes. Stocking stuffers and frames for things I have made or collected. Maybe those three would be going to big box stores. I’ll bet they’d have had an easier time finding the holy in the crowded commercial mundane world I often occupy.

      1. ravenandsparrow

        The commercial crassness and frustrating delays of the holidays make effective masks for the beauty of the world. I am often lost too.


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