Chill in the air here still. I walked Finn with a down vest on just now and with gloves for the early walk. 

Called a friend to join me on second walk. Note to self: a rich and luxurious solitude slides into isolation when you’re not looking. 

Off to watch PBS news hour. Totally given up on CBS, which I used to watch on the dinky old TV in the kitchen while making or eating dinner. The TMZ format wears (tease, ads, another tease, more ads, then a story about ten seconds longer than the tease) as does the content. My favorite smarmy story-category of late? The eight year old white boy who feels so bad for the cops he bakes them some cookies. 

Can you hear me gagging on those cookies?

I am on pins and needles about NY’s primary. 

2 thoughts on “Chilly

  1. Michelle in NYC

    No longer on pins and needles, but neither in despair after the primaries. It’s never over this quest for authentic Democracy and justice so I just think of it as part of my ‘practice’. Love those blue streamers by the way.

  2. Nancy

    It was blistering hot here today. Walked on my lunch for the first time since the toe break, only one block…so to not over-do it, but mostly because I was melting in my black t-shirt!! lol


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