Laying down a strip at the base of Moon House quilt just now, I set the structure momentarily aside. And it struck me how apt that is: known angles canting off, the roof tumbling away in willful contrary movement, the house either about to crash back to earth leaving a splintered, uninhabitable pile of refuse or to improbably float off into the ether.

I think I’ll stitch it there. As I do, it will be a chance to sit with a conundrum. For what is anchoring down with thread that which is in free fall but a conundrum? Finn returning the ball poses a glad image of being airborne. I wish you could experience his grace, his enthusiasm, his boundless joy, how effortlessly he dwells in the moment. The house tipping over vs. the dog flying back to me for another throw.

5 thoughts on “Unmoored

  1. Mo Crow

    there was a freefall moment back in 1990 when I had finished art school and a long term relationship, couch surfing on the brink of whatever was going to happen next, a good friend said, ” you’re in freefall enjoy it!” how many times in this lifetime do we get the chance to have no particular place to be or things to do?

    1. deemallon

      I am thinking about a collective unmooring brought about by Fox News. The Tea Party, and now Trump. I’ll bet if you lived in the states the image might have resonated that way to you, too.

  2. grace

    i know this Feeling…it is shared…..the Real reality of dog and then the delusional
    mess we seem to be hell bent on creating….am Working on finding ground to
    stand on. it’s not proving to be easy.


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