First person shooter

Little did I know when I started a quilt based on a figure from a first person shooter video game, how ugly its relevance would become.

It began as a visual expression of the need to defend my personal boundaries. And also, a bit of a sad wondering about what our children will be doing decades from now to protect their own sacred selves. Or their access to water. Or their privacy. Or or or. The first time I used this image was in a Sketchbook Project.

This is what I think every day, many times a day: If we don’t get money out of politics, things will continue to go to shit.Does anyone else think the slide to ruin has picked up its pace? The way I see it, corporate interests are contaminating democracy more and more quickly such that we are approaching a tipping point — in a parallel rhythm to the quickening pile-up of the consequences of climate change. Needless to say, overturning Citizens United would represent only a baby step in the right direction. And Trump? I can’t watch election coverage right now.

Who are we as a nation if gun reform cannot be achieved after the Pulse massacre? If we lack the political will to ignore the money, I kinda think we’re doomed — to revolution or extinction or both. No wonder I wake up nights. And that’s not even getting near the personal turmoil that keeps me wringing my hands. No wonder I’m now stitching a saccharine cliche. Something about the key to my heart.

(Those whitish lines are made by couching two rows of floss with a fair number of stitches — I can’t wait to try Jude’s wandering running stitch, but this is not that).

13 thoughts on “First person shooter

  1. Laurie

    I have a very bleak outlook on politics. I think that we are past the tipping point on oligarchy and environmental ruin. Of course they go hand in hand. If Sandy Hook didn’t get gun control passed, I don’t know what will. I’m from North Carolina and the quick hard right taken here breaks my heart and makes me angry. I’m weaving my first political piece. It is very subtle though.

  2. Jenny M

    Yes, I feel that the world is holding it’s breath waiting to see which road humankind is taking. I dislike watching news reports every incident is filled with horror. My absolute dislike are the big mining companies, gas companies etc that are causing such destruction to the lands, wrecking the water tables and the landscape. Why are these large companies allowed to put profits before the health welfare of the community and the environment? Maybe these companies should not have shareholders and any profits should be given back into the community.
    I know there are many individuals and groups that work real hard to make a change, and are involved with using sustainable methods, regenerating waterways & landcare, but I too wonder is this enough…..what type of future do our children and their children have to look forward to?
    And guns……….why does anyone need to be carrying a gun or have a gun in their home? I just don’t understand that either!

    1. deemallon

      The grass roots efforts of so many can hardly combat billions in lobbying efforts can they?

  3. debbie.weaver

    I must say I find it very difficult to understand the US policy and its seem a lot of its citizens attitude to guns. I can understand it in the ‘Wild West’ days maybe, but now! And yes while money rules the world we have little chance of having a compassionate and caring society.

    1. deemallon

      It would help if we Americans could really understand that other first world nations do not tolerate this much gun violence.

  4. Angie

    I keep company with you. Thank you for putting my thoughts so eloquently. I am in awe of your talent with needle and thread.

  5. maggros

    I am with you all. I abhore the “take over” of the NRA in this country, I don’t see how they can be on anyone’s side of any issue. “There is no way to peace, peace is the way” (AJ Muste). I try to find hope everyday, and I do see hope in many people’s acts of kindness and sharing of wisdom, particularly with children. Dee, your “First Person Shooter” disturbed me immediately and I was immediately grateful for the image – the fact that is a quilted image makes it all the more poignant of course. As artists I think we all have a grand opportunity to be activists for peace. I also think we are past the tipping point, but I also feel there is a swell of activism. Its not a time to take shelter, its a time to gather friends. Thanks for being here!


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