OMG – so tasty 

Making lunch just now I found myself thinking, “if food were the only thing I lived for (and it’s not), it would be enough.” I’ll share today’s one-bowl lunch.

Take some baby bok choy and even if clean rinse so there’s a little water in the pan to aid cooking. Sauté in olive oil. Add a chopped garlic and scallions at the end. Off heat, squeeze half a lemon over the greens.

Prepare basil butter. I used about three tablespoons of butter and the tops of three basil plants from my porch. Since I keep unsalted butter in the house, I added salt (pink Himalayan, of course).

Use about half of the butter for a serving. I used Barilla’s gluten free spaghetti  — it’s delicious and no, I do not get paid to say that.

Oh so good!

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