Friday in June

Morning face.
Done with wind and overall tacking down, plus I added white stitches to lighten house. It disappears a little too much. Maybe for this week, the house ought to take on the shape of England? I mean, WTF?

Later on, it was nice to start the weekend with another bday celebration. Out on the deck. Beautiful light. Perfect temps. QUIET. School is out for the year.

Β This barley salad was soooo good. Made several modifications. Very tasty with salmon done on the grill.
I modified the salad both because of available ingredients and taste preferences. I didn’t have any black beans, so none went in. I only used red peppers, not both green and red. I skipped the called-for carrots because I thought they’d be overly crunchy. And, instead of canned corn, I cooked up a fresh ear.

Probably the most important modification flavor-wise was substituting about a quarter teaspoon of Truvia in lieu of corn syrup and adding quite a bit more oil. Recipe calls for scant amount of canola. I added at least 3 more tablespoons of olive oil. This, from someone who likes a very acidic dressing.

Surprisingly, my pantry did contain a can of chipotle peppers in adobe sauce. That, along with the cilantro, cumin, and citrus juices were essential to the slightly smoky, but bright taste of the salad. Also surprising (to me): no garlic.

The next day I used the same dressing on a mix of chopped cherry tomatoes, red onion, and avocado and it was equally delicious.

Have a nice weekend all!

P.S. One of the nice benefits of a grain salad is how they keep overnight. And since the barley salad didn’t feature the olive oil very centrally, I could eat it straight out of the fridge. So good!

P.P.S. Brexit fucking floored me and made the realization that the xenophobia highlighted by Trump is not limited to our side of the Atlantic. I spent a fair amount of time on Twitter first thing that morning. Last night, K. and I re-watched “Children of Men” and all the ways that movie is scarily prescient were doubly so… the vans full of refugees being carted off to detention centers, shocking lack of resources, the vast poor and scant people of means, plots and counterplots, police working counter to the public’s interests, the human species on the brink of extinction. So much rubble, despair, and violence! I hope the Brits re-do the vote. What a stupid risk Cameron took with England’s future.

If you’re interested (I took twitter feed off side bar of the blog), my moniker is deeamallon: stream is here.

9 thoughts on “Friday in June

  1. Nancy

    Glad to hear of your R&R with friends and Finney! That barley dish looks De-Lish!! I saw a Finn-like dog yesterday, so similar, but shorter legs πŸ™‚ Enjoy your quiet days of summer.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Nancy. I hope you r enjoying your summer, too. The barley salad was really good. Don’t know why but I seem to forget about barley in between times.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Grace. I did, but up in the body of the post. You probably keep lots of southwestern flavorings in your house, so this could become a staple. Barley is such a great alternative to rice now and then.

  2. saskia

    love this piece, the combination of fabrics, the colours, the winds, the playful feel it has; good for you for enjoying a lovely friday….we’re still waking up to the reality of brexit…….i was for the uk to stay, feeling more european than anything else, wondering what next!?

    1. deemallon

      Yes, what next? I hear a possible re-vote? One of many shocking aspects to this news was to hear how the top google searches in England just after the vote were: What is the EU? How many nations are in the EU? etc. I read of more than one person who said they voted to make a point and not because they wanted the exit for real. If those kinds of voters are numerous, then Cameron is wrong to state that the ‘people have spoken’ and ‘this is democracy’ at work. Mostly, I agree with commentators who say this was way too complicated an issue to leave to the will of the voters. I don’t recommend watching “Children of Men” this week. It was just too, too grim. What is the mood in Holland?

      1. saskia

        I’m not sure what the mood is, there are those who are clamouring for a vote here as well, I can only hope (which is not something I am a fan of,hope I mean) people listen to reason and decency, not just their guts and hearts……and yes, the whole issue was way too complicated for a simple yes or no, things usually are. Also our imperfect democracy is difficult, complex challenging, demanding and so forth, and at the same time, the best possible way to govern huge groups of people, as far as I can tell. The more I read about it all the more bewildering it is and I find self questioning my own values, and why I want to stay in the eu, what kind of a society do I want to live in, realising once again different people want different things. Still believing there is more that unites us as human beings than divides us…..

  3. perlhuhn52

    You are so right Dee about complicated decissions leaving to the will of voters which are influenced by demagoges pushing all bad feelings. A vote should be the result of facts not of diffuse feelings which need a punching bag. We here in Germany are shocked and speechless.


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