The presidential campaign continues to distract me. I know I’m not the only one who feels she is in limbo, unable to read or even watch TV much, because of the driving need to consume news stories and op eds about the candidates.

I have to know the latest. This week it was: has Trump finally gone too far (dare we hope)? Maybe it is true, as some say, that he never wanted the job and it’s only a matter of time before he folds (dare we hope?).

Is there any remedy for ‘post-factual’ politics (George Will’s term)? If in fact Trump’s followers are willing to accept belief as fact when it suits their purpose, what place does rationality have? John Oliver captured this dilemma well the week after the RNC.

Does it help to blame Roger Ailes, Fox News, the Tea Party, our education system, or the ghost writer of Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal” (who sounds like he’s practically suicidal for his part in aiding Trump’s ascendancy –described here, in a New Yorker article)? Or to call to task all those lame Republicans who have either endorsed the lunatic or remained silent out of fear of messing up their own political ambitions?

Meanwhile, I also collect scathing condemnations of the ‘purity vote’ which strikes me as another form of being unhinged from reality, but from a place of sanctimonious delusion rather than reactionary xenophobia. Who are these people that cannot fathom that sitting this one out or voting for “Jill fucking Stein” (radio host Dan Savage’s name) is to risk turning our country into a flaming dumpster? Maybe Sanders now regrets waiting so long to endorse Clinton, seeing as how so many of his followers do not seem to understand that they are voting ‘in the real world’ (his words).

Occasionally, I hiss in the direction of Lexington, Mass., which is not very far from here, since that is where Jill Stein is from.

Here’s where I need to cite the best article I’ve read so far about the double standard applied to Hillary Clinton, which doesn’t convert her from crook to saint, but does put the unrelenting attacks against her into a serviceable framework of sexism. Too bad the ‘jail Hillary’ folks don’t give a rat’s ass about facts.

It would be like a circus if the stakes weren’t so high. It might even be hilarious if it didn’t reveal the underbelly of our society and just how wide and deep the divides are between various factions.

I hadn’t intended to write this. But maybe I needed to document this craziness as a way to manage it.

Meanwhile, the mundane business of caring for trees, scrubbing scuff marks off of baseboard, making herb butter, vacuuming up dog hair, and a little bit of stitching keep me sane. Good thing, too.

We removed an ailing Rose of Sharon and took some low hanging limbs off of one of our catalpa. I got some quotes for long-deferred tree work. Since we are going from paying two tuitions last year, to paying none this year, we can spring for this. There are big dead limbs in a chokecherry out back. A maple out front with branches tangled in the wires. A four-trunked maple at the side that is compromising our roof. It will feel really good to take care of these trees.

14 thoughts on “Distracted

    1. maggros

      Yes! I heard Kahneman speak at Princeton U. a few years ago and I bought his book – can’t say I’ve read the whole thing. I felt like I actually understood his research from his lecture but wanted to be able to refer to his points if I ever need to.

  1. Anonymous

    I agree with you. Have never been so nervous about an election. The haters on both sides do not Listen! So much to care about, and seems we don’t have much power. Good Luck with your trees.

    1. deemallon

      I used to barely watch the coverage. Election in and election out. But this one is so different.

  2. jebusandandrea

    I never can stand politics and this one if the worst. It baffles me that we know some Trump supporters that are women, gay and minorities. This election year needs to be over. I can’t even stand my friends that hate Hilary so much they will vote another party. On the other hand, I have a decent amount of Sanders fans that keep telling their friends – Hilary won we have to back her up – Trump can’t win. Let’s hope Trump keeps making more blunders and his poll numbers fall. What scares me most are the articles I come across talking about the Trump fans that are too ashamed to openly admit liking him but will have no problem voting for him once they are alone in the booth.

    1. deemallon

      Yeah it’s gonna be a long few months here. I am with you in hoping that Trump keeps offending even his supporters.

  3. ravenandsparrow

    I have been having the same reaction and have had to withdraw from TV and my computer for a while. Thanks for the link about Hillary and sexism. It helps.

  4. Michelle in NYC

    Just back to the City and the computer after Friday to Tuesday blissful chirping morning greetings and evensong of cricket, cicada and katydid, trees giving voice to wind, a garden to water as the sun moved East to West, cooking, eating, napping, reading, writing and some art making in blissful alone where I could hear my thoughts, pay attention to them or not…in a modest cottage where everything within speaks another language. The be there now of it like a pole shift, like heart surgery, or sacred retreat, and I only wish you could join me there. To disconnect is a potent tonic. I’ll return Friday for more of the same until the 16th.

    1. deemallon

      your comment reads like a poem, Michelle! Maybe someday I will join you there. Part of the lack of resilience here has to do with not having gotten away at all this summer, or even motored to a beach one hour north.


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