Two miracles 

This African violet has not bloomed in years. Possibly decades. I probably shouldn’t write about how I’ve almost relinquished it to the compost heap a few times, but I nearly did.

But look at it now! It’s not just the surprise of its beauty, it’s the timing. What better winter than this one to process sun and soil into a deep purple flower — long after all expectation of it had vanished.

The other miracle was the how the vigorous telephoned protests placed by an engaged and vigilant public made the GOP back down on their lovely first proposed legislative act of eliminating the independent ethics committee. Wahoo! Way to start the congressional term right!  This successful protest pierces the grey winter sky with a shaft of light.

PS. That Pinocchio figurine was photographed by me and double exposed with the type using the Diana photo app. I’m pretty proud of it.

5 thoughts on “Two miracles 

  1. ravenandsparrow

    The miracle of beauty where none was expected and the miracle of a power grab unexpectedly forestalled. A good day. The Pinocchio image is inspired.

  2. Julia

    Excellent photo! I’ve been seeing purple flowers everywhere today including a flash of one during yoga. So I had to stop and read your post. It’s wonderful that your flower is blooming and the US is blooming with people who are more involved in their govt. I hope you don’t mind if I leave you with 2 miracles of my own.
    Enjoy your African Violet!

    1. deemallon

      Hi Julia. Just read your two lovely posts. Thanks for the links. That African violet has since come loose from its roots and I have placed it in water to see if it will grow (survive?) And my most recent “sign find” was a small plastic Woody toy missing his head. Found it in the street. Was Woody a puppet? I can’t remember. But if he was, a headless puppet seems a pretty good sign of the times!


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