Cold and cloth 

When the rhodies do this, you know it’s cold. Had to pull my scarf up over my nose in our morning walk! Tuckered Finn out, I think.

In spite of the wintry temps, I padded up and down the cellar stairs yesterday and the day before to work on this medium-sized quilt. Used the machine down there some, then returned to heat and TV upstairs to iron and sew. Also stitched some seams by hand.

When the construction starts to foreclose possibilities, I am often disappointed.  Over the years, I have wondered if there wasn’t some other way to connect up the pieces that would more reliably capture earlier design ideas (like collage the scraps to canvas with gesso?)

I take a lot of pictures these days. But maybe I didn’t refer to them enough this time. What’s missing is an energetic flow.

While sewing this morning, I catch up on Maddow. The work satisfies me with pattern, simplicity of task, color, and measurable progress.

But it is not satisfying or productive enough by half to counteract the unfolding American shitstorm. There seems to be a theme: destruction.

I don’t get it.

Later, I’ll make beef with barley soup. Good for a cold evening, almost medicinal in its meaty and grainy deliciousness.  And I’ll turn off the news.

15 thoughts on “Cold and cloth 

  1. Nancy

    Your cloth choices are so pleasing. I get what you mean about the changes once stitched. Maybe this is the reason I enjoy the looking at and planning much more than the actual completing. Mmmm???

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yeah the design phase is compelling. Of course my relationship to this all would be different if I weren’t so averse to picking seams out.

  2. Mo Crow

    Rhodos do that when it’s too hot here! there is so much energy & flow in the arrangement and colours in all your cloths (((Dee))) do you want them to conduct electricity?

    1. deemallon Post author

      Ha you’re funny – electricity.! This long narrow piece will be less static when it partners up with rest (I hope).

  3. Michelle in NYC

    Admiring your productivity. I’m laying in with a bout of my old chronic so seeing your work cheers me. And, yes, after my morning posts I took a vow of no politics till the weekend is over (I snuck a peek at some of my news sites but no TV news. Gotta have a break from the madness. Tomorrow I go to a concert-a chorale member friend bought a ticket for me. hope I wake well. Sending love to you and Finn.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Smart of you to build in news breaks. Last week I Hat this thought: watching the news is now a form of masochism. I hope you wake feeling well. The concert would probably be fun. I’m planning to do the puzzles and not much else.

  4. RainSluice

    I come here for your soul centering words and images and I am never disappointed. Thank you, Dee. I confess I wouldn’t know about the so-called-news at all this week if it weren’t for Colbert and Oliver and Sam B. I have been seeking conversations with humans in person (not my usual weekend M.O.). I believe I’m feeling hopeful again that better days are ahead… and so are many many more conversations.

    1. deemallon Post author

      It seems like you’ve hit on something Maggie : satirical news only and extra human conversation. Colbert has been absolutely on fire.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks. I have seen the call for work and have an idea for a quilt floating in my mind.

  5. saskia

    so much of my pieces are forever ‘unfinished’, because I don’t want to lose the quality of possibilities…… I kind of find a compromise (although they aren’t really) in the small pillows, they force me into making choices, even the simple fact of sewing together a front and back mean the edges are ‘neat’
    is it perhaps the not wanting to make a definite choice that inhibits us?


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