Wedge of orange

It repeatedly amazes me how much a micro-change can impact overall design — as in ruin it. Quilters know this because it happens all the time.

Challenge: stick to an original design as much as possible (using photo on left as reference). I am allowing the inclusion of the inadvertently captured small wedge of orange (at bottom), but no other departures!

That means cultivating an openness to novel construction techniques while simultaneously casting aside a long-standing flexible approach to accidents and mistakes. ‘Oh look, I put this section back upside-down — is it possible I like it better this way?’

(Mercurial adaptability often employed in service of laziness — but never mind!)

Even as I stitched the dotted red floral rayon onto the lower edge, I knew it’d have to go: it’s not a small wedge of orange at all! I couldn’t let myself fall down on this challenge so early on.

Other sections are coming along.

4 thoughts on “Wedge of orange

  1. grace Forrest

    love these thoughts…the wedge

    i don’t know what’s happened to me in the last couple years…orange and red, the most
    avoided, suddenly so appealing, to the point of a hunger. and orangered, redorange,
    that blend that i refer to as chinese red in my mind, i don’t know why, but THAT…oh

    1. deemallon

      funny how we go through phases… I really was orange-averse for a long, long time. Greens and blues were my thing. But now I love grey-brown, rust, pumpkin, scarlet (Chinese red?), burnt orange, thick brown….

      1. Mo Crow

        orange was my least favourite colour until 2004 when I was doing a lot of spirit work & realized it’s the colour of the creative womb chaka so now I honour it!

        1. deemallon

          yes. orange is the color of that chakra. red the one below. colors of passion, warmth, productivity, not necessarily refined like the crown or third eye colors, but full of necessary energy.

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