Don’t be fooled

Don’t let the bedroom eyes fool you.He desperately wants to eat the doll lying there, a mere five inches from his nose.

Evening found me in a Newton Corner church shoulder to shoulder with like minded neighbors. None of us have been fooled — not for a New York minute.

Free Speech for People and Roots Action leading the charge.

The idea is to get cities and towns to pass resolutions asking the House to begin investigating whether there are grounds for impeachment (there are, of course — more unfolding by the day). The idea is to express tangible outrage and exert public pressure.

They are focusing on the emoluments clause because that evidence is already in, even without the tax returns. DJT has been in violation of it for every minute of every hour since he took the oath of office.

Relentless pressure. From all quarters. This is not normal. This cannot go on.

PS  At link above you can sign their online petition (for what it’s worth). Almost a million already have.

6 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled

  1. christicarterphotography

    Great post, Dee … bless you all for doing the hard work.

    [ Fin is such a darling! ]

  2. Ginny

    Amen! Dee thank you for getting out there!

    And damn, that dog is a charmer. I would have handed over dolly after 2 minutes.

  3. Stephanie

    We must keep up our courage for the good fight. And yes, Finn is a real sweetheart. He would have had me at hello.


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