Liberty and zombie filters

“Who will steal your liberty and when?”

On days of incomprehensible news, I take an obsessive satisfaction in making digital collages. It could be because it’s nonverbal and provides a kind of pause in all the urgently spoken outrage. Or maybe it’s because with these photo-combos I can almost, kinda, sorta capture the truly weird and horrifying circumstances we find ourselves in.

The paper collage (upper left) is from an old Sketchbook Project called, “Questions for a 19 year old” submitted in the category, “It’s not about me”. The Pinocchio photo is mine. On the right is an unfinished collage that became a SoulCollage card entitled “Fear”. I made it shortly after the election by combining two fashion ads from Vogue.

I use two free iPhone apps: Diana photo app and Prisma.  Some of these were generated solely with Diana.

Photo of Trump came from a Sarah Jones article entitled, “Trump leaves out Comey request for more resources to investigate Russia from timeline”. It was published online on here:

I didn’t see an attribution for the photo.

The old Sketchbook project queries keep coming back because of their relevance. Questions for a 19 year old included:

  • What will you carry?
  • What will haunt you?
  • What will you do when she changes her mind?
  • Who will steal your liberty and when?

I don’t usually like this dark green Diana filter but it seemed fitting for today. It’s called: “Zombie Apocalypse”.

I hear pundits say we are “on the verge” of a constitutional crisis and wonder what else would need to happen for them to name it an “actual crisis”?


I have a lot to say about all of this. Maybe another spoken piece next — something I wrote in class today?

9 thoughts on “Liberty and zombie filters

  1. Jen

    Can’t stand the sight of the man, makes my skin crawl but I really admire your digital collage talents and the final image, and your ability to stand to look at that guy for however long it took you to create this. It is very effective and frightening. Nice work in a medium I have absolutely no experience with. I enjoy your blog.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Jen. I think some of the satisfaction in these digital doodles comes from having the power to distort his face. And for some reason, I have the response you have to his face to his voice. I can hardly bear to hear him finish a sentence (not that he utters many!). When I hear clips from his campaign I am agog at his moronic rhetoric and hate. I really didn’t listen to him until the debates. I won’t watch the Lester Holt interview. Too awful!

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Robin. Not that I would forego making them, but it’s nice to know someone else benefits from these pieces.


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