The chilly season and hideous pj’s

Being cold begins to feel like an existential state. Grey day after grey day dampens the mood.

Fortunately, the plants don’t seem to mind. Up they come.

Except the newly-installed petunias. It appears that the rabbits have been dining on them.

A shed arrives Monday  — meaning we will be moving the last of the shade lovers from its proposed corner out back. I’ve already moved: ostrich ferns, comfry, anemone, and sedum. Some days, it’s just been too cold. But a sign that the gardening season is (finally) upon us: yesterday morning at 6:20, I ‘found myself’ outside completely absorbed in gardening. There I was moving rogue perennials around, turning the soil, and potting up a few things for my sister without having bothered to change out of my pj’s and slippers. 

These were not my usual black stretchy things that could pass for pants in a pinch. These were cheap plaid red & green flannels dotted with some nameless breed of puppy — absolutely hideous pj’s in other words, made of a cloth so awful you’d pass it by even if it was marked down to $2.00 at the Christmas Tree Shoppe (need I say these were purchased online?)

What are the most embarrassing clothes you’ve made an appearance in? 

(There WERE people out and about, in case you’re wondering). 

5 thoughts on “The chilly season and hideous pj’s

  1. Mo Crow

    your garden is looking beautiful! re the most embarrassing clothes moment… about 30 years ago in a bit of a fog from a very late night I threw on a T-shirt on to go up the road to get some coffee in a well heeled gentrified inner city cafe and was wondering why I was getting such strange looks… looked down & saw it was the Die Yuppie Scum shirt my brother had given me a few years earlier

  2. Hazel

    When Blue brought girlfriend home, unannounced, I wasn’t feeling well, wearing huge plaid flannel goodwill shirt, flannel pjs in a clashing plaid, unbrushed hair, kleenex & toast in my hands. (not to mention the disaster state of the house). (Thankfully they broke up & we won’t have to relive that memory in years to come.)

  3. Nancy

    I can’t think of any great stories, really. There was the time in 6th grade when I went to school with my shirt inside out and backwards (long story), ot same age when I went to a paper dress party…and yes we all had to wear paper dresses! I didn’t care if they were the new thing, I hated it!! Or there were the way too many times to admit to times in the 1990’s where I ran all my errands all over town in my ‘jazzercise’ clothes with some sort-of oversized shirt on top. Yikes! What were we thinking back then? (I was not alone in this practice!) As for being that involved at 6:20 am…the only thing I’d be involved in at that hour would be sleeping…so the pjs would be perfect!! lol


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