Well, I might have shingles, the country’s gone belly up internationally, I had to order my sister a commode because she’s having trouble walking to the bathroom, and the sound of trucks beeping in reverse is unceasing, but there are iris!

And, unbeknownst to me: four regal and giant lions on a barely traveled industrial cut through behind the Needham Pet Co.

Discovering them was a delight perhaps all out of proportion to the moment — but I won’t argue with delight. Not now. Not ever.

Off to the doctor and then perhaps, the South Shore for a ‘girls’ weekend’.

17 thoughts on “Well

  1. Nancy

    Oh no Dee! I hear shingles can be quite uncomfortable. J. had it and wanted me to tell you that it does pass πŸ™‚ Love beasts and Finney’s interest! Computer dying if you don’t hear much from me. xoNancy

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Nancy. So far not bad. Started anti viral meds but I won’t know til next week if it’s shingles for sure. Me to the doctor (on the alternative diagnosis): “do you mean to tell me I made it through the fucking 80’s without getting herpes and might have gotten it now? From a peck on the cheek?”

  2. fabricwoman

    Did you have the shingles prior to your sorta-diagnosis? LOVE those lions, I’d be driving out of my way to see them every time I was in the area! Magnificent!

  3. fabricwoman

    Well, I meant to write: Did you have the shingles VACCINE prior to your sorta-diagnosis? I’ve heard that it sometimes doesn’t take…

  4. snicklefritzin43

    hopefully the inoculation has prevented shingles from being the diagnosis…had a bout of shingles about 8 years ago..not pleasant, especially the post-hepatic neuralgia….pain that decides its likes living in the place where the rash lived and it sets up a long-term housekeeping just to keep the skin remembering what pain is.
    Love the lions – how great to have a diversion on your travels about town.

    1. deemallon Post author

      that bout sounds truly awful. has it ever recurred? so far here, not bad — probably because of vaccine.

      as for those lions — I just love finding something startling or new that I didn’t know about even though I’ve been past or near for decades…

  5. Liz A

    So I looked on CDC.gov and it said the vaccine only works 50% of the time. However, it does seem to reduce the severity of shingles. So, bad news/good news I guess. Hope whatever it is soon ends.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yeah I heard it wasn’t fool proof — tho I thought it was better than that! I am proof of reduced severity, tho. The patch of blisters doesn’t even tingle.

  6. ravenandsparrow

    Aw Dee….shingles suck. I’m sorry for you and hope it will be minor and soon over. In the meantime that iris is spectacular!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks, Dana… it’s been very mild. Probably because I had the vaccine three months ago.


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