In the cool deep

“Let the breath take you deeper:” a reminder.

I can’t believe how much I enjoy being down in the cool sanctuary of the basement right now — whether machine piecing a village quilt, pawing through bins, or vacuuming up cobwebs. It’s a great complement to writing upstairs.

The process of piecing up house patterns keeps me going, but something is missing. A theme? A selected recipient? An internal challenge? Something. And, do I care?

Here are some pictures from today: paper collage, unearthed fabric WIPS, and in-progress shots of current work.

Here I went w/theme. Too heavy handed

Still damp from spritzing

An unearthed sampler from one of Jude’s classes

This old cut out from Newsweek will go upstairs

SoulCollage card composed a while ago but this week seems about the draft envt’l report

8 thoughts on “In the cool deep

  1. fabricwoman

    How much do I LOVE that snake fabric! I need some! Do you remember who makes it? Is it ancient vintage?
    As the resident grammar Nazi, I think the proper form for comparing working in the basement to writing upstairs should be — complement. As in opposites…
    Oh sure, criticize her word use, Judy. Good way to get your snake fabric questions answered! /s
    I do love the wonky houses, I should be making a baby boy quilt for a friend’s new grandson. But it’s been too darn hot! Third week of upper 90s, only blessing is it’s not very humid. A friend just called to tell me to go to our front porch to see the setting sun; so much smoke from British Columbia’s forest fires that the sun is a fluorescent pink/orange. Other worldly…

    1. deemallon

      Hi. As soon as I previewed post I saw that I’d used the wrong word and fixed it. I hope the change “took”. I love the snake fabric too. I think it’s a designer from philly. Check back tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

      1. fabricwoman

        Thank you! I have two snake rings that I wear on my right ring finger, the smaller is engraved gold with ruby eyes, which slips perfectly part-way underneath the larger one studded with diamonds. They’re small, but they’re mighty, I have to behave myself and not stare at it when I’m driving and the sun hits it! Talk about distracted driving! ha
        Just yell at me if I’m being a pain. I should have been a copy editor. And thanks for the reply about the fabric, I’d love to get my mitts on some.

        1. deemallon

          Your rings sound amazing! The designer I was thinking of was: Lonni Rossi, of Andover Fabrics, but I couldn’t find the print on her website with a quick search last night. The aborginal prints of M&S Textiles might satisfy, though — I adore their dense, dotted, primitive, colorful prints and many feature snakes.

          Re: human spell check. Of course I want to know when I’ve misspelled a word. Keep it coming! Last night I was tired and felt a little snarky, but I’d hate to lose a sharp copy-writer’s eye like yours.

  2. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) asking the hard questions, taking them deep into your heart and bringing them out into the light through image, mending with stitch and well wrought words

    1. deemallon

      ah! maybe I’ll print that out and put it on my studio fridge — right next to the color wheel!
      thanks, Mo.


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