Maybe I should say, “swelter”. It’s pretty hot again. I found this little photo-transferred word in a pile of papers. Last night, I stitched up the little star house while watching Game of Thrones (we’re SEASONS behind), which I’ve decided is worth stomaching all the blood shed for the well-realized worlds and interesting characters.

Off to an appointment.

This week, an email with five exclamation points kinda rocked my world. Not much more to say about it except this: white makers crafting black stories can find plenty of newsworthy, interesting, combative discussions out there.  The critiques can amplify doubt and make a (white) person wanna crawl away in silence. I’d avoid the discussions altogether (my doubt mechanism is already perfectly amped-up), except that doing so would mean missing some of the most vibrant and compelling conversations about race transpiring these days. Why would I do that?

But, even though the adage about ‘writing what you know’ is severely limiting, I think the next novel (if there is one) should be about a spoiled white adolescent making bad choices in an affluent suburb. I’ve already got a compelling news story in mind, and just so you know: not about my kids.



8 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. Michelle in NYC

    YOUR WONDERFUL CLOTH “Shelter” echoes Judes post this morning and I am reminded how connected we all are. Though virtual only for the most part, this exchange of thoughts is comforting to me. The SHELTER theme is prescient due to the incredibly stressful condition of world politics and weather woes. You are a great communicator Dee.

    There’s a new to me blogger I have been reading thanks to Grace Forest. Her current post was like gentle permission to quit down and just feel:
    Little Griefs @alsokaizen at kaizen journey

  2. RainSluice

    Ah… yes! yeeessss! Powerful image-block-house. That mountain, those stars, inner/outer images held by the house, the cracking apart and hugging together at once. wow. wow Dee. I agree with Michelle (as usual) you are a great communicator, in every dimension.

  3. Mo Crow

    your beautiful shelter with stars brings to mind a favourite song which appropriated & changed this line
    “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”
    from Oscar Wilde’s “Lady Windermere’s Fan”
    “We are all of us in the gutter
    but some of us are looking at the stars”
    The Pretenders “Message of Love” 1981

    1. deemallon

      I love it too. For making ‘outside’ in. And because it came together on the pin board without thought, really. And because the friend who gave me the constellation fabric went to some trouble to mail it and because we’ve known each other since the 70’s.


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