How unbelievably great

I didn’t stay long at the hospital this morning because as it turns out, my sister had to be transported from one hospital to a bigger one for testing.

In comes Handsome Ambulance Guy number one, named Jimmy. My sister bemoaned side boob. I commented, “Gee, couldn’t they have sent the guy with acne?” Jimmy was really handsome, not just a little handsome. Then another cute guy came in, all solicitation and sweet, professional regard for my sister. Also named Jimmy. As they wheeled my sister out, I said, “Well, you know I have to say it: Thank you, Jimmys!” They laughed.

I was heading home from the hospital when I got the text about my bag. Can you believe it? K and I dashed down to the Boston Police Department to pick it up. I got to meet the honey-voiced, uber-competent Officer James. He outranks the Jimmys as my hero of the day.

A morning filled with powerful proof of good people.

P.S. At first I thought my noise-cancelling headphones were the single item stolen out of the bag, but heading home on Route 9 my kind and sane husband made a suggestion: ‘Maybe you didn’t bring them?’

Sure enough. They’re in the drawer with the dog medications where, believe it or not, they live. NOTHING was taken.

It’s all good. My sister is getting the best medical care there is. K mowed the lawn in spite of sticky humidity and I deserve a nap. Maybe it’ll rain soon. That’d be nice.

20 thoughts on “How unbelievably great

  1. fabricwoman

    Woo-hoo! So glad you got the quilt back – sometimes it’s just too soon to part ways with a piece you have so much work and self invested in. Best to your sister.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks. The quilt seemed a minor loss in all this until this afternoon when I pulled it out and hung it in my writing room. I actually really, really like it.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Anna Lisa. “Triple James” sounds like a charm, a drink, or an incredible sports maneuver. Oh wait. They were just three very kind and competent people.

  2. Hazel

    Such great news! I once had a bag stolen out of the car containing some beloved things, but the kind thief left everything but the cash on the bus & it was all returned.
    (& a weird aside…once knew identical twins named James & Jimmy!)


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