A Short Tale of Transformation

I was taking a selfie to illustrate the kind of snarky talk siblings sometimes share. Moments earlier I put on the pants that my sister says ‘make me look like white trash’. Then I donned a shirt the same color as the one that inspired her to say recently, “We’ve gotta get you out of dirt colors.” As I dressed, there was nasty self satisfaction and full authorship of my own oppositional nature.

I continued this unpleasantness (really) by taking a picture to illustrate the outfit. And something happened. A halo of sparkles appeared in the background around a recently finished felt critter. Just look at those sparkles! They’re inexplicable, though given the mirrors, windows, and other reflective surfaces nearby, probably not miraculous. Nevertheless, the sight of them did something to me. They changed my mind. Isn’t that a little miraculous, the effortless shift from brute rehash to wonder at the nature of light?

I was reminded of a podcast about a researcher from MIT who was able to record his voice with high powered video off of a BAG of POTATO chips. No surprise (but total surprise) — it’s all about vibrations. (And by the way, all you have to do is google “MIT” and “potato chips” and you’ll find the story — which is another kind of miracle, one made no less spectacular by our taking such things for granted these days).

Using a blurry picture of Miss Mousy and the app PRIMSA, I fooled around to get a sense of her vibrations.She’s rather divine, don’t you think? She’s going to the ballet! She wears a tulle skirt in solidarity with the dancers, revealing an attitude of celebratory participation. You won’t find a hint of bitter defeat about our Miss Mousy, even though at one time she wanted to be a ballerina herself. More than anything in the world, in fact.Look at her polka dot pocketbook! Her anticipatory smile!

Look at her long legs — all the better for being unnaturalistic and sourced from New Hampshire woods.

So yeah, I’m wearing unflattering  jeans and a shirt my sister might condemn in irrational terms, but how comfortable I am! It’s a day I’ve claimed for myself! I’ve cracked one puzzle and another awaits. And do you want to hear the big decision of the day: what shall I make for lunch? Homemade mushroom soup or chicken salad with pecans, shallots, and dried cranberries?

Thank you for the cheer alert, Miss Mousy! What a sweet reminder! She’d never preach, but if she did, she might say something like: focus on polka dots and stripes, my friend — they make you smile.

13 thoughts on “Vibrations

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Grace. She, in her quiet way, makes me want to finish a few other critters that have been idling in the wings.

  1. Sue Batterham

    Miss Mousey is definitely uplifting in her own unique way; such character she has. As for what we wear, I’m all for comfort, except for weddings, one of which I had on the weekend, and boy was I glad to get out of those clothes!!!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you for your praise of Miss Mousey! I would basically wear pajamas all day every day if I could. Funnily enough, pj’s are a fashion trend this fall! And btw, these pants do look awful on me. No argument there.

  2. RainSluice

    “You ARE the sparkle”, I love that, Michele. What a grand documentary of imagery and love that expresses these illusive connections and emotions through Miss Mousy! I am also sad about your sister’s condition and I am holding you and your family in the [sparkling] Light.

  3. Nancy Kerr

    Dee, Are you the one who recommended “Someone Knows My Name”? It was originally titled “The Book of Negroes’. If not, I think you would want to add it to your research.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I don’t think it was me but I just added the book to my amazon wish list. Looks like a must read for me. Thanks for thinking of me Nancy. Hope you are well!


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