6 thoughts on “Almost wordless Wed

  1. Jenny M

    Learn something every day `sigil’, new word to me, maybe I should make some of these and scatter them at home, at work and around the countryside. Love the blue of the sky & water in your photos, even thou I am not a blue girl. I hope your dog enjoyed his snack!

  2. Michelle in NYC

    A Magic Sigil, a Sugar bowl, the Garden Gate, a clear lake and with dog! Ha to the home coning and yay for the devouring being. We all need a bit of surprise pleasure now and then. Looks like you had plenty in your vision today. Hey, did you make your own personal Sigil as many do and would you mind sharing it’s particular meaning to you?

    1. deemallon Post author

      It was a beautiful day up here. I researched sigils because I wanted a traditional one. This one is for protection. I made the all blue one months ago and the other one this week. I went back to try and find the online reference and couldn’t. There’s tons to look at online!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Finn also enjoyed making the rounds as he ate. Probably two biscuits per rug. Had to vacuum the entire downstairs!


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