Turning seasons

It’s cold and gonna get colder. Going from flip flops to draft stoppers makes for a strange contrast. Meanwhile, leaves, leaves, and more leaves fall, including the giant ones from our two catalpa trees. I’ve saved up some of their knobby fallen branches for the mantle. What do you think — spray them silver or gold? Leave them natural?

Too much to process every week. One hundred and four texts with son number two yesterday. Fortunately NOT about his trip to the ER earlier in the week (strep has blossomed into scarlet fever. BTW, did you know that no one gets rheumatic fever anymore and no one really knows why? When I was eight, I was ordered on bed rest because of a rheumatic fever scare. I remember my mother carrying me to the bathroom and being pissed that I was missing the games noisily unfolding in the back yard). He is okay by the way.

A dinner with my Indivisible group. Heartening elections. Legs that hurt for no reason. A relative who was in her car in Manhattan when the terrorist yelling out to Allah ran right in front of her. And the recent church slayings? Nothing. I am numb.

Meanwhile my allegiance to cuteness becomes necessary. This little critter needs arms and a name.

She has her eye on Thanksgiving and models casual flair. With a starchy, perfectly pressed apron and a smile, she will somehow manage (without a moment of hand-wringing) to get a good-enough meal on the table. 

12 thoughts on “Turning seasons

  1. ravenandsparrow

    Ha! I love the casual crossed legs on your mousy, and her perfect apron. She does indeed look like she has Thanksgiving in her pocket. I’m glad your son is better.

  2. Ginny

    OMG Dee between the trauma and the jack hammering I don’t know how you’re standing. Jeeze sick kid so far away, yikes! Relative (?) near the terror attack? Yikes!!! Artie was at his job a week right near there. And chores like menu planning and raking. Oy vey. Thank god you have the smiley leggy pal to keep things under control.

    I’m ready to head back under the blankets till Spring.

    1. deemallon

      I find I have to keep reminding myself of what really matters. Not such a bad exercise, really. Congrats on Artie’s new job!

  3. Ginny

    Yes. I should try it. I find myself spinning too much these days.

    And a job!! Thank god!

    Then this happens. L OL given the chance NYC will kill ya no matter what’s going down.

    I will text soon to catch up ❤️

    1. deemallon

      Life definitely worth living. Sane? Not so sure. You didn’t see me throwing a malfunctioning remote across the room yesterday (sometimes believe it or not, the impact gets it working again).


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