This one hangs on the inside of the studio/cellar door. It’s done? I am beginning to look around (from the side of my mind) with a view toward 2018. 

It’s very cold here. Temps are supposed to drop into the teens tonight. If you are subject to this icy air sweeping down from the arctic — stay warm!

I include a couple of pictures of cypress knees from South Carolina because of how much they resemble the figure in the top quilt’s foreground — hooded and slightly bent, like a monastic order of the swamps. 

16 thoughts on “Witness

  1. Marti

    On a trip to New Orleans, we stopped at a visitors center in Lafayette, swamp area where a white alligator resided. Eerie place filled with ghostly currents and mystery, a greenish tinge to the air and as I looked over the swamp area, I noticed a cypress knee but had no idea that’s what it was. Took a photo and when we got back home to Texas, I looked at the photo and it whispered what it was…Swamp Buddha.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks, Debbie. At certain times of day the algae in the water picks up the light and makes stripes like a rainbow. It was cool.

  2. RainSluice

    witnesses, we are.
    still waters sure do run deep. I like the name “Cypress knees”. somewhat like an iceberg – only seeing the knees of drowned bodies. your photos (which I love) give me a fear in their still silence. a listening. Also love the fabrics with script; eerie witnesses hiding full messages as well.


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