Dog brag

Two posts in a day? What can I say — we’ve got an epic storm unfolding outside and I’ve got a magnificent dog.

During the first blocks of our walk, Finn was rubbing his muzzle in the snow and it was fun and novel and exciting. But then we cut behind the VFW building and emerged out into the wind tunnel that is Langley Road. Whew! Here was a bit of “the bomb”. I could hardly see, even with glasses on my face. Finn got more subdued.

Once we headed down a wooded road toward the Upper Field, I fumbled with one glove and a zippered pocket to get out my camera. Nearly pulled out and dropped a credit card. Nearly dropped the phone. DID drop the leash.

But here’s the brag: a sharp “COME” and Finn turned and came right back to me. Please note: we were less than a block from an off leash field. What can I say? He’s not this responsive all the time, but how great was that? How great is he?

The end of the Upper Field was barely visible from the cul de sac. Compare the snowy picture with the one I took yesterday.

With a dog-reactive dog, the storm imposed both good and bad conditions. On the plus side, no one else was likely to be out. On the negative side, I sure wouldn’t see them coming!

Stay warm Northeastern friends!

18 thoughts on “Dog brag

  1. Jenny M

    I saw one photo of Finn on IG, but the bigger photos on your blog of him in the snow are so good!

  2. Katrin

    Good boy Finn! I drop my guys leashes so often they’ve learned to stop when I mutter “dropped it again!” I rely on carabiners on the ends of leashes a lot, clip the carabiner to my belt loop as an added safety back up for when I will invariably drop the leash especially with dogs not my own. Glad you all survived the storm.

    1. deemallon

      Ha. Like the verbal cue! It surprises me you need it given your exceptional skill with training etc. The carabiner idea seems worthwhile esp in glove weather.

      1. Katrin

        LOL It’s not a trained verbal cue, it’s what I mutter at my hands for failing me yet again. I mutter it consistently enough that the dogs picked up on it and to became a conditioned cue, not a trained one. Carabiners are great, I used to pass them out as my ‘welcome to training with me’ gift to all new students. They come in handy so often!

  3. Nancy

    We love seeing the Finney pics over here! I think J. would have more energy to keep up with him than me! The pic w/ the stick is great! And good on you for getting out there with him! xo


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