Blue follows grey

The bitter cold continues. Today, however, is brightened by a clear sky and glorious sun and all that light reflecting off blankets of white snow.Getting back to writing after a brief hiatus is like turning a cruise liner — generally taking longer than one might expect. Here it is Friday and I am finally back at it. You know you’re working when entire paragraphs come to you while out with the dog.

Meanwhile, a very good friend of mine’s husband died two nights ago. I can barely wrap my mind around how drastically her life has just changed. The loss. I’ll see her later today.

On a more prosaic note, I’m happy to report that there were no storm-related calamities here and that I finished another book (that’s 4 in 4 days — I’ll be slowing down now).

Whatever’s going on for you, it never hurts to follow this advice:

10 thoughts on “Blue follows grey

  1. Tina Zaffiro

    Such a beautiful friendship ball .. color is good! I’m sorry for your friend .. in a heartbeat everything can change for any of us. So very scary! How you can read a book in a day boggles my mind … currently I’m ready Evicted. It’s a book Bill Gates talked about … I had no idea it all takes place right here in Milwaukee. Looks like you have a fun start to a new piece … thanks for the peek.

    1. deemallon

      Bill Gates is a big reader and note-taker, I understand… no surprise there! Why do you call the glass piece a ‘friendship ball’?

        1. Nancy

          I remember years and years ago seeing a beautiful, colorful glass sugar shaker. It was called an “end of the day” shaker, because they used all of the leftover bits of glass as they made it at the end of the day! I always wished I had bought it 🙂

        2. deemallon

          On the North Shore (Cape Ann and Gloucester) they’re called “witch balls”. Often associated with fisherman’s nets — used to keep them afloat.

  2. Nancy

    Love the first pic and the crispness of the clear-day snow! You are a reading machine!
    Please send kind regards from a stranger, as I know this sudden, life-changing pain from my sister’s loss in 4-2016. Take care, xo

    1. deemallon

      I just went to his Memorial Service and wow — hard on two levels: one, the loss, the loss, a person gone and two, what the fuck have I done with my life? This guy was very accomplished.


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