Early to work

Finn with one of his favorite treats: a whimsy (this one was an alligator). I gave him this whimsy before leaving the house for two hours but he held off enjoying it ’til I got back. So much for distracting him with treats! Poor guy. Is he that nervous while I’m gone?

It’s cold again. Finn has his walker today (which means off leash time with other dogs). I’m planning on a solid day of writing.

Finished this little piece while watching the series finale of Major Crimes. Wah! Not sure why, but I really liked the show (even tho it didn’t hold a candle to the precursor series with Kyra Sedgewick, The Closer).

PS. That moody background blue quilting cotton was a gift from Nancy.

14 thoughts on “Early to work

  1. Tina Zaffiro

    Can’t stop looking at it … so soft and harsh at the same time …. so much going on in this little piece.

    1. deemallon

      Yeah esp on days I have to get out for two walks with the dog, like today. More snow here this morning. Might mean it’s a little warmer.

  2. Nancy

    Aw, love the stormy house! What a great use for the fingerpainting fabric!
    My sister’s old dog loved those, mmm…’frosty paws’? – doggie ice cream! He ate them instantly while he chased the small container around the room! Leads me to the thought, maybe if we had to chase our food around, we’d (or I’d, but meaning here we as humans) be a lot thinner! Ha


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