Cool day, warm colors

It’s snowing hard. The tension on my machine is off. The Great British Baking Show is on.

Warm colors are nice this time of year. This wonky log cabin will be a baby blanket. We called baby blankets, “baa-baa’s” in this house. How about in yours?

I used to go down to Pembroke to a fabric wholesaler to buy cotton and scissors. Not so, these eight-inch dressmaking shears. They came from Amazon.

Just so you know (re: my carbon footprint), Pembroke is probably a 40 minute drive.

I’d been sawing at cloth for nearly a year. Having sharp scissors in the house is as delightful as getting a decent haircut was last week!

PS. The light behind the quilt makes clear there is at least one seam that needs straightening. You know it’s crooked if I’m prepared to fix it!

13 thoughts on “Cool day, warm colors

  1. Hazel

    It’s so beautiful in the window’s light…
    We call them blankies, but really, the special ones have their own names- “Rosie” was Blue’s & “Polka-dot” was Moon’s.

    1. deemallon

      I’ve never heard ‘bambas’ before, but it makes sense. I have half a dozen fabric scissors in the house. For years, at least one or two pair would be sharp. One they got dull, they were consigned to paper (marked with a sharpie). And then I went along where at least PART of a pair of scissors would be sharp (the tip or the inner section). But I had gone waaaaaaaaaay too long without a single part of a single pair being sharp. Treat yourself!

    1. deemallon

      The Great British Baking Show is a balm for the soul these days. They work hard. They bring their best to the table. No one is shitty to anyone else. There’s no pandering to the audience with saccharine stories or tales of woe. It’s fun.

        1. deemallon

          Love that show! All about finding one’s voice, really. I like seeing the twists various lives take and how these creatives overcame difficulties. A great show.

  2. Nancy

    I would never, ever notice (or frankly care) a crooked seam! I always love cloth in window light! The best! I just use my scissors however, I’m no that great a quilter/maker.


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